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Local papers including Market Position Statements (MPSs)

If you have a strategy or case study that you would like to share with the region, please email Jackie Potter at the Institute of Public Care so that it can be included on this site.


View our Local Account. Key pages:

  • Dementia Without Walls – Dementia Friends Project (Page 13)
  • York Carers Centre (Page 22)
  • Multi-agency Safeguarding Hub (Page 19)
  • Appendix 1


View our Local Account. Key pages:

  • Supporting people to have social contact (Page 8)
  • BEST – Supporting people to remain at home through re-ablement (Page 10)
  • BRICSS – Supporting homeless people following hospital discharge (Page 10)

North East Lincolnshire

View our Local Account. Key pages:

  • Focus Independent Adult Social Work – First independent adult social workers in the country (Page 13)
  • Care Plus Group – Providing community care services across NE Lincolnshire (Page 14)
  • SPA – Single Point of Access for services (Page 26)

North Yorkshire

View our Local Account and Information Sheets. Key pages:

  • START – Short Term Assessment and Re-ablement Team – supporting people after hospital discharge (Page 11)
  • Extra Care Housing Investments (Page 14)
  • SES – Supported Employment Service for people with learning disabilities and mental health issues (Page 16)


View our Local Account. Key pages:

  • Miracle Cure – helping people to be fit and active (Page 18)
  • APSL – Adult Placement Shared Lives Services (Page 16)
  • Communities Readers Group – improving information and advice about adult social care services (Page 12)


View our Local Account. Key pages:

  • Carers Count – Support and services for Carers (Page 9)
  • Care Navigators – supporting people to make informed choices about their care (Page 10)
  • See Me and Care – Dignity in Care and challenging poor practice in care campaign (Page 22)


View our Local Account. Key pages:

  • Value based recruitment – appointing people based on their values in social care positions (Page 18)
  • Voluntary and Community Service Framework – Market Shaping with the third sector and volunteers (Page 19)
  • Embedding Making Safeguarding Personal (Page 21)

North Lincolnshire

View our Local Account. Key pages:

  • Personal budgets and support for Carers and their families (Page 14)
  • Integration – co-location of nurses, OT’s and social care staff over five areas (Page 11)
  • Over 75 Health and Wellbeing Checks – tackling home safety, social isolation and low level preventative services (Page 11)


View our Local Account. Key pages:

  • Barnsley PA Finder – approval and recruitment of personal assistants (Page 6)
  • ‘Free to Go’ - Travel Independence Scheme – developing skills for people to travel independently and safely (Page 19)
  • Re-shaping Day Care Services for Older People – Health and Wellbeing Centres (Page 20)


View our Local Account. Key pages:

  • Rotherham Customer Inspection Service – Mystery Shopping and Testing Services (Page 12)
  • Rothercare Alarm Scheme and Assistive Technology – helping people live independently (Page 22)
  • Home from Home – Quality Assurance in Residential Homes Scheme (Page 31)

East Riding

View our Local Account. Key pages:

  • Supporting people to receive self-directed support and direct payments (Page 9)
  • Supporting more people with Menth Health issues (Page 9)
  • Tackling Delayed Transfers of Care attributed to social care (Page 10)