Local papers including Market Position Statements (MPSs)

If you have a strategy or case study that you would like to share with the region, please email Jackie Potter at the Institute of Public Care ipc@brookes.ac.uk so that it can be included on this site.


View our Local Account. Key pages:

  • Dementia Without Walls – Dementia Friends Project (Page 13)
  • York Carers Centre (Page 22)
  • Multi-agency Safeguarding Hub (Page 19)
  • Appendix 1


View our Local Account. Key pages:

  • Supporting people to have social contact (Page 8)
  • BEST – Supporting people to remain at home through re-ablement (Page 10)
  • BRICSS – Supporting homeless people following hospital discharge (Page 10)

North East Lincolnshire

View our Local Account. Key pages:

  • Focus Independent Adult Social Work – First independent adult social workers in the country (Page 13)
  • Care Plus Group – Providing community care services across NE Lincolnshire (Page 14)
  • SPA – Single Point of Access for services (Page 26)

North Yorkshire

View our Local Account and Information Sheets. Key pages:

  • START – Short Term Assessment and Re-ablement Team – supporting people after hospital discharge (Page 11)
  • Extra Care Housing Investments (Page 14)
  • SES – Supported Employment Service for people with learning disabilities and mental health issues (Page 16)


View our Local Account. Key pages:

  • Miracle Cure – helping people to be fit and active (Page 18)
  • APSL – Adult Placement Shared Lives Services (Page 16)
  • Communities Readers Group – improving information and advice about adult social care services (Page 12)


View our Local Account. Key pages:

  • Carers Count – Support and services for Carers (Page 9)
  • Care Navigators – supporting people to make informed choices about their care (Page 10)
  • See Me and Care – Dignity in Care and challenging poor practice in care campaign (Page 22)


View our Local Account. Key pages:

  • Value based recruitment – appointing people based on their values in social care positions (Page 18)
  • Voluntary and Community Service Framework – Market Shaping with the third sector and volunteers (Page 19)
  • Embedding Making Safeguarding Personal (Page 21)

North Lincolnshire

View our Local Account. Key pages:

  • Personal budgets and support for Carers and their families (Page 14)
  • Integration – co-location of nurses, OT’s and social care staff over five areas (Page 11)
  • Over 75 Health and Wellbeing Checks – tackling home safety, social isolation and low level preventative services (Page 11)


View our Local Account. Key pages:

  • Barnsley PA Finder – approval and recruitment of personal assistants (Page 6)
  • ‘Free to Go’ - Travel Independence Scheme – developing skills for people to travel independently and safely (Page 19)
  • Re-shaping Day Care Services for Older People – Health and Wellbeing Centres (Page 20)


View our Local Account. Key pages:

  • Rotherham Customer Inspection Service – Mystery Shopping and Testing Services (Page 12)
  • Rothercare Alarm Scheme and Assistive Technology – helping people live independently (Page 22)
  • Home from Home – Quality Assurance in Residential Homes Scheme (Page 31)

East Riding

View our Local Account. Key pages:

  • Supporting people to receive self-directed support and direct payments (Page 9)
  • Supporting more people with Menth Health issues (Page 9)
  • Tackling Delayed Transfers of Care attributed to social care (Page 10)