News: Redevelopment of the Yorkshire and Humber commissioning support website

We are in the process of migrating over the content of the previous Y&H commissioning website and would like to get your feedback and views during this process to ensure that the new website is meeting your needs.

The scope of the site is to provide adult social care in region with the latest information, tools, resources, news and case studies to develop the commissioning capacity to enable local authorities and their partners to deliver high quality, more personalised and efficient services.

We don’t want feedback to be an onerous task for people, so instead would like to ask that you send a brief email to or alternatively if you would prefer to speak in person, please contact Laura Bimpson on 0333 600 6330.

For your feedback, you may want to think about the following, but please feel free to structure your response and ideas as you feel appropriate.

  • Structure and layout of the website eg What do you want to see on the homepage? How do you want information to be categorised?
  • Content type – what type of content do you want to see eg resources, tools, publications, case studies? How frequently would you like to see this updated?
  • Would you find a blog post useful summarising latest regional work and resources available? If so how frequent would you like this to be?
  • We are considering use of webinars (online presentations) from guest presenters across the region, and nationally to showcase innovation and best practice in commissioning with the option to participate live or watch a recording of the session via the website. Would this be a resource you would find useful?
  • Would you find a commenting facility useful to be able to comment on resources?
  • Would a forum be useful to share ideas and connect with colleagues across the region? If so should this be an open or private forum?
  • At present e-updates are sent to subscribed users and this is something we are likely to continue to share the latest content from the website. Would you find an email update useful and if so what frequency would you prefer?
  • Would you be willing to share case studies, submit content ideas or contribute to blog posts or webinars?

If you have any other feedback or ideas you would like to share, please feel free to do so.